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Sheriff Sale Q&A

What Is A Sheriff Sale?


A Sheriff Sale is the result of a court ordered bank foreclosure for the non-payment of standard monthly mortgage. In Madison County, this sale is scheduled once each month (Friday of the month at 10AM). This type of sale should not be confused with "Tax Sales" which are held by the Treasurer's Office for non-payment of real estate taxes.


When Will I Know About It?


Notices are published in the Elwood Call Leader and Anderson Herald Bulletin on Thursdays and in the Pendleton Times on Wednesdays. Notices and legal descriptions are also posted on the bulletin board located in the Government Center, just outside of the Treasurer’s Office.


Where Are They Held?


Sheriff Sales are not held on property location. Sales are handled online through SRI.


When Must I Submit Payment?


Refer to SRI website for payment arrangements. Once directed to SRI's website, click the "Madison SS Rules.pdf" button. Click here


Are There Other Financial Obligations?


Yes, buyers of these properties become responsible for all federal, state and local outstanding liens. It is the buyer's responsibility to research the property for liens and to ensure the legal description matches the common known street address.


The Sheriff's Office does not warrant the common known street address as it is listed. Title searches are the responsibility of the purchasing parties.


Can I learn about liens on the property before I bid?


Yes, the Treasurer's office can advise if there are taxes owed on the property. These taxes may include real estate taxes, sewer liens, weed liens, ditch assessments and unsafe building liens. Also, the Recorder's Office and the County Clerk's Office may also have a record of any other liens against the property.


Can I assess the property?


Yes, the Assessor's office can give assessment information concerning lot size, square footage, room sizes, building materials, past ownership, yearly taxes due and etc.


A realtor may be able to give advice as to if the property has been listed before and can give a profile of the home if it has been listed for sale in the past.


Can I visit the property?


The Sheriff’s Department does not recommend being on the premises of the property.


In many cases, individuals still reside in these properties. Generally an interested individual cannot view the inside of the property prior to the sale, unless the interested individual gets permission from the owner.


Who is responsible for evicting the previous owner?


If those who reside on the property prior to the sale have not moved by the day of the sale, it is the responsibility of the purchasing party to file the proper eviction papers through the court system. Personal belongings left by the previous homeowner must also be stored by the new purchaser.


Who do I contact for more information?


All Sheriff Sale inquiries should be directed to:

SRI, Inc.





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