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Our mission is to provide the highest quality public safety services in an effort to make Madison County a safe environment to live and grow.


Meet The Sheriff

Sheriff Scott C Mellinger has been with the MCSD for over 22 years, and has been in law enforcement for over 30 years. He is serving his third 4-year term as elected Sheriff. He has also served as Executive Director of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, as well as Training Director for the largest Sheriff’s Department in Indiana, Marion County. A graduate of Ball State University with a BS degree in Criminal Justice, he also served two terms in the Indiana Legislature.


Forty-five officers maintain security, book-in offenders, and transport offenders as needed in various courts and other counties. Built in 1984, the Jail has a capacity for 207 offenders.

The Madison County Jail holds offenders who have either been sentenced to serve time there or are awaiting trial. Forty-five officers provide security and transport offenders as needed. Jail officers undergo 40 hours of initial training and 24 hours of in-service training annually.


There are 450 square miles for deputies to patrol in Madison County. Deputies attend 600 hours of basic training initially and 24 hours of in-service training annually. This section also assigns six deputies to investigate fatal or very serious vehicle crashes.


There are seven detectives assigned to criminal investigations and two detectives assigned to the Madison County Drug Task Force. These personnel perform in-depth investigations on felony and misdemeanor crimes such as Theft, Burglary, Rape, Homicide, and Battery just to name a few. The DTF is made up of detectives from Anderson PD, Madison Co. Sheriff, and Elwood PD and they perform “undercover” investigations to decrease criminal drug activity in the county.


Our Reserves are volunteer citizens who are trained just as regular full-time deputies to enforce laws, answer 911 calls and supplement all Sheriff’s activities. Reserves undergo a 400 hour training program to become eligible to serve.


The MCSD SWAT team is made up of 12 deputies who work regular patrol shifts. SWAT members are also available for any extremely dangerous situations in which a suspect is barricaded or otherwise refuses to be taken into custody and is heavily armed.


Correctional Emergency Response Team is a group of specially trained Jail Officers who respond to highly volatile and dangerous situations within the Jail.

Victim's Advocates

MCSD has two full-time members in this department. The staff communicates with victims of crime and assists the victims as they go through the process of identifying perpetrators and possibly being involved in court proceedings.


MCSD presents the Drug Awareness and Resistance Education program to 5th grade students in "county" school districts. A specially trained deputy makes presentations once a week to all fifth graders during each school year. Our DARE program reaches 25-30 classrooms each week.

Records Division

The Records Division maintains all reports from deputies including crime and crash reports. The public may obtain copies by coming to the Sheriff Department’s Records Division and paying a nominal fee for copies. Records Division maintains information pertaining to gun permits and background checks. The sex offender registry can also be obtained from the records division.

Civil Office

The Civil Office handles Tax Warrant enforcement, Sheriff Sales, and Court process such as Replevins, Evictions, etc.

For Sheriff sale procedures and listings click here


Our Chaplaincy program offers ministry for offenders held in our jail. They are available to all personnel for counseling or spiritual needs. Our Chaplains are also involved in Community Outreach projects such as Project Hope. As many as 30 area churches assist our program with their volunteer efforts.

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